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Green Flower Partners with The Allyance To Move Social Equity Forward in Cannabis

One of the most important aspects of today’s cannabis movement is the push to improve social equity in the cannabis space.

Certain communities have been impacted by cannabis prohibition far more than others entire families and groups devastated by harsh cannabis laws. This is an important social justice issue that we cannot ignore.

“It is vital that communities most affected by prohibition are not left behind and have a spot at the cannabis industry table,” says Green Flower CEO Max Simon.

“Upholding these values is why Green Flower is so excited to partner with The Allyance, an organization doing everything it can to make sure it happens.”

What is The Allyance?

The Allyance is a non-profit organization based in California and is on the front lines of the social equity effort.

The organization has developed an extensive network of cannabis experts from both the public and private sectors, experts who all have a passion for cannabis industry social equity.

Members of the network are working toward the collective goal of helping aspiring business owners and job candidates in the cannabis social equity sector.

Essentially, The Allyance helps facilitate partnerships between experts and entrepreneurs and job-seekers, boosting their chances of success.

The work that The Allyance does is absolutely invaluable.

Career Fairs and Cannabis Equity Summits

Two excellent examples which highlight The Allyance’s efforts are the Cannabis Equity Summit and Expo and a recent career fair collaboration event with Vangst.

Held in April, the 2nd annual Cannabis Equity Summit and Expo was the first cannabis equity summit and expo showcasing social equity-based products.

The summit gave social equity entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their products and attendees the chance to learn more about what social equity means.

The Allyance also recently teamed up with Vangst, the cannabis industry’s top recruiting platform, to put on a cannabis career fair in San Francisco.

It was an unparalleled opportunity for members of communities most impacted by cannabis prohibition seeking employment in the cannabis industry.

These are just two examples of the stellar work that The Allyance is doing in cannabis today.

Green Flower is honored to partner with The Allyance

Global leaders in cannabis education, Green Flower will be collaborating with The Allyance to help the organization scale their social equity training with video content produced by our team, helping better educate everyone on the importance of these efforts.

The Allyance is a dependable and trusted steward to the cannabis community and empowers its members by providing them with tools, support, and structure to help protect them from predatory business practices.

Within the greater scope, it’s also important to remember that the cannabis industry was started by people with limited means who were looking for ways to support their families and communities with sustainable, responsible, loving practices.

The evolution and regulation of cannabis have put these people at a disadvantage and if the industry is left to go in the direction it is headed, we run the risk of the next generation losing touch with the plant and what matters quality and health.

Inclusion to the industry for all is the antidote to this viral problem, and it’s why Green Flower is honored to partner with The Allyance and support its mission.

A special offer for members of The Allyance

Green Flower is proud to team up with The Allyance and will be offering special discounts on our certificate programs to members of The Allyance.

In addition, we will also be offering Green Flower scholarships to members of The Allyance.

Available programs include:

    • Fundamentals
    • Medical
    • Cultivation
    • Patient Care
    • Compliance & Regulations
    • Sell-SMaRTTM
    • And more on the way!

Each of our courses is comprised of engaging videos, quizzes, valuable educational materials, and a private forum to communicate with other program participants.

Green Flower is your opportunity to learn and fill critical knowledge gaps alongside the top minds in cannabis.

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