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What is the Best Way to Learn the Basics about Cannabis?

Maybe you’ve already noticed: cannabis is quite a complex topic.

The cannabis plant is very dynamic and is used for a virtually endless list of reasons.

Where to even begin?

Perhaps you’re interested in the science and different characteristics of cannabis.

Cannabis cultivation is another massive topic, especially for people who wish to take advantage of new laws that allow them to grow their own cannabis at home.

But what about the people who are really new to cannabis?

Different consumption methods, varying laws, emerging business opportunities, and a number of other facets of the cannabis world can make it difficult and confusing to establish a solid knowledge base.

The best way to gain a solid foundation about the basics of cannabis is to learn from true experts.

Yet, hunting down credible information online or traveling to a number of events to learn from true cannabis experts can be extremely time consuming and expensive.

Fortunately for you, Green Flower has created an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the most knowledgeable cannabis experts on the planet.

The Cannabis 101 Summit

The Cannabis 101 Summit is comprised of dynamic TED Talk-style presentations which address the most important cannabis subtopics that all cannabis consumers, patients, and professionals need to know.

With how popular all things cannabis have become, the summit is very timely and like many other video offerings on Green Flower, it has provided thousands of people with the solid cannabis foundation they’ve been looking for…

Which speakers are featured and what topics are covered?

The Cannabis 101 Summit features world-class speakers, including:

  • Steve DeAngelo, founder of Harborside Health
  • Samantha Miller, president and chief scientist at Pure Analytics LLC
  • Dr. David Knox, co-founder of The American Cannabinoid Clinics
  • Joe Dolce, the former editor-in-chief of Details magazine and acclaimed author
  • Kristi Knoblich Palmer, co-founder at Kiva Confections
  • Plus many more!

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the endocannabinoid system
  • How to find your right dose
  • Why people have negative experiences with cannabis
  • The history of cannabis
  • Cannabis topicals and salves
  • Essential info on cannabis flower, edibles, and concentrates
  • Understanding the legal status of cannabis today
  • The difference between cannabis and hemp
  • Addressing cannabis myths and misconceptions
  • Cannabis for seniors
  • And more!

Who would benefit from watching the Cannabis 101 Summit

Anyone who wants to learn more about the cannabis plant and all its related subtopics would benefit from watching the Cannabis 101 Summit.

People who are new to cannabis or coming back from a long break can learn all of the basics of this special plant.

Cannabis veterans can benefit too and no doubt learn something new.

New things are popping up all the time in the cannabis world and the cannabis consumer experience is constantly evolving.

The Cannabis 101 Summit features all of the most up-to-date information straight from presentations by true cannabis experts.

Because of that you will have your brain packed with trusted cannabis knowledge by the end of the Summit, allowing you to make informed decisions around this plant.

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Trusted by top universities, utilized by companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders shaping the modern cannabis industry, Green Flower courses are the gold standard in cannabis education and training.

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