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Sneak Peek: The Cannabis Advocacy Certificate Program

by Staff

Did you know that two-thirds of California still prohibits the sale of legal cannabis? 

Local bans are just one example of how even after legalization, there’s still a lot of work and education to do in cannabis policy.

And when cannabis laws are passed, they are usually far from perfect. They often need to further evolve or require fine-tuning.

Simply put, the cannabis industry doesn’t exist without advocacy. Advocacy is that necessary key, not just to starting the industry, but to helping cannabis businesses thrive and benefit as many people as possible with safe access.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has been working on the front lines of cannabis advocacy for 50 years. Today, they have a global network of dozens of affiliate chapters.

And now, they’ve joined forces with Green Flower to create a new online resource: The Cannabis Advocacy Certificate Program.

The collection of 10 video modules, designed for individuals and enterprises, covers all the essential nuances for successful cannabis advocacy.

Ready for a sneak peek? Check out the three excerpts below:

1) Community Engagement

In this clip, Jax Finkel, Executive Director of NORML Texas, elaborates on the different opportunities in community engagement. 

Whether it’s collaborating with groups already working on the cannabis issue or being a source of credible information to address concerns within the broader community – cannabis legislation comes to fruition much faster through strategic unity and organization.

2) Identifying Allies

Who are the best people within a community, enterprise, or organization to champion proposed changes to cannabis laws?

As Jenn Michelle Pedini, Development Director of NORML, explains in this clip, putting the right people on the frontlines and supporting them will help lawmakers better understand the pressing reality of the cannabis issue.

“Providing an emotional connection, regardless of the issue, is much more valuable and effective than holding up a sign and yelling.”

3) The After-Action Plan

In this highlight, Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of NORML, makes some very clear points about being prepared for what happens after legalization.

Once cannabis laws are passed, the work has only just begun.

The complete list of courses included in the Cannabis Advocacy Certificate Program:

  • How Advocacy Moves Cannabis Forward
  • Cannabis Advocacy: Past, Present, & Future
  • The Path To Influencing Cannabis Policy
  • How To Set Your Goals & Achieve Your Advocacy Objectives
  • Strategies To Succeed In Cannabis Advocacy
  • Messaging & Framing: How To Gain Public Support
  • Coalition Building & Legislative Allies
  • How To Deliver Your Message To The Media
  • Lawmaker & Voter Engagement: The Keys To Your Success
  • Implementation & Protecting Progress

Check back June 23 for access to the full program!

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