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Watch: Cannabis As Medicine – How It Works

Cannabis has more public support than ever before in recent history, and people new to the plant are asking really good questions.

Among the biggest knowledge gaps around cannabis today: how it works as a medicine.

The general public doesn’t always ask this of other medicines and pharmaceuticals (even when they have nasty side effects, don’t seem to help at all, and could potentially kill). But with cannabis, the questions are aplenty after 80+ years of prohibition.

    • Why does cannabis seem to be helpful for so many ailments?
    • Where are we at with cannabis science and research?
    • What do cannabis clinicians have to say about how it’s helped (or not helped) their patients?
    • And if cannabis is so helpful, how and why did it become stigmatized in the first place?

These questions are all front and center in the first installment of Green Flower’s Cannabis as Medicine video series, the perfect thing to share for anybody who wants to spread cannabis education and truth to those who might need it most.

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