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My Cannabis Career: How to Become a Cannabis Industry Attorney

Few industries need legal advice and guidance as much as the emerging cannabis industry. The number of layers of regulation involved is seemingly never-ending.

Every legal adult-use and/or medical cannabis state has its own laws. Each state’s industry is regulated by one or more government agencies, and local governments often also have their own rules.

All of this while cannabis remains completely prohibited at the federal level and is still classified as a Schedule I substance.

Navigating it all can be overwhelming and difficult, which is why cannabis entrepreneurs rely on attorneys.

That is where you possibly come in.

How can someone become a cannabis industry-focused attorney?

As is the case with other professions such as doctors and accountants, cannabis industry-focused attorneys must be licensed to practice.

An aspiring cannabis industry attorney must have completed their undergraduate degree, completed their studies at an accredited law school, and then they must have passed the bar exam in the state they wish to practice.

Graduating from law school and passing the bar exam is one thing. Becoming a top attorney in the cannabis industry is another thing.

The cannabis industry has a significant amount of nuances that must be understood inside and out by quality attorneys.

Attorneys that work in the cannabis industry must always keep up with the evolving laws and regulations, which is not an easy task.

Learning from attorneys that are already doing it is the best way to get ahead of the competition, which is why you might want to head over to the My Cannabis Career Summit, where you can truly watch and learn.

What are the benefits of being a cannabis industry-focused attorney?

Below are some of the benefits of being a cannabis industry-focused attorney:

  • Rapidly expanding client base
  • A wide array of representation needs
  • Can be involved in precedent-setting litigation
  • Represent entrepreneurs that are making history
  • Be part of a once in a lifetime industry revolution

Most people want to become an attorney so that they can do well financially and help people by giving them ethical, effective representation.

“I love what I do,” says Bridget Hill-Zayat the owner of Hill-Zayat Law. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Hill-Zayat is one of 13 speakers now streaming at the My Cannabis Career Summit. “I get to take what was a grey-black market and make it professional,” she says.

The cannabis industry can provide exactly that to attorneys that rise above the competition and the cannabis industry is more exciting than any other industry on earth right now.

All types of legal focus can be found in the cannabis industry

For many years legal work as it related to cannabis revolved around representing clients in criminal matters.

Nowadays attorneys from almost every area of law are in demand in the cannabis industry.

Litigation attorneys are needed for civil court proceedings, intellectual property rights are becoming increasingly in demand, and everything else that can be found in standard business industries.

Chances are if you can think of an area of focus within the business world, that area of focus is desirable in the cannabis industry.

Many principles from other legal industries apply from an attorney standpoint, but many others in the cannabis industry are very complex and always changing.

If you want in on the action, you can watch the My Cannabis Career Summit right now — only on Green Flower.

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